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Antoine Sprinkler Repair is licensed as an Irrigation Contractor in North Carolina, bonded & insured.

Antoine Sprinkler Repair is licensed as an Irrigation Contractor in South Carolina, bonded & insured.

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Lawn Aeration Services

Turf grass absorbs oxygen and emit carbon dioxide through the surface of the root . An adequate amount of air space in the soil is needed to provide aeration and proper soil water movement into and through the soil. Due to heavy use, the upper 2 to 3 inches of soil may become compressed into a more dense, hard soil mass, restricting air and water movement. This is called soil compaction. Hard, tight, clay soils also impair the movement of air and water into and through the root-zone soil. In both situations, root growth is restricted, leading to a shallow-rooted turf grass unable to withstand the stresses of traffic, extreme temperatures, and low moisture.

The remedy for compacted soils or hard, tight, clay soils involves the removal of 0.5- to 1-inch diameter cores to a depth of at least 2 inches. This practice is called core cultivation or Aeration.

The soil cores, pulled by an aerator, provide a good cross section of the lawn surface and soil profile. The top of the quarter is at the soil surface. Above that is the thatch layer, which in this case is approximately 3/4-inch of roots and organic debris. It's important to keep thatch layers under 1/2-inch thick.


  • Reduces soil compaction
  • Improves grass rooting
  • Promotes thatch breakdown
  • Improves drought tolerance
  • Enhanced fertilizer uptake